All measurements taken at 96khz/16bit, using an ECM8000 mic, UB802 mixer and Audiophile 24/96 sound card.

Measuring conditions were far from ideal. The speaker was placed on my desk, and the mic was positioned half a meter away, on tweeter axis. The room was noisy, and there were many early reflections which could not be gated out, so take these measurements with a large grain of salt.

Despite the less then ideal conditions, the measurements are still useful. The excessive harmonic distortion between 100-300hz is most likely just background noise.

.5 meters, 3.5ms gate

Since this is the gated response, ignore anything below 285hz. Tonal balance looks to be neutral, and the tweeter has useful output up to 24khz. Nice.

.5 cm from woofer, nearfield

Port tuning frequency is around 68hz

.5 cm from rear port

Nothing offensive here. Some HF garbage, but it's 24db down

15 degrees off axis, gated

This is very good. The ruler flat response through the crossover range (1-4khz) indicates this speaker was designed for off axis listening. Makes sense for a multimedia speaker. The top end rolled off response is totally expected for a 1" dome tweeter.

Distortion, ungated, .5m

Keeping in mind that 1% is -40db, this is great for a $200 speaker. The tweeter is especially clean.

Energy decay, gated

Some stored energy in the 3-4khz range, and around 17khz. I need to retake this measurement 15 degrees off axis, where I think it will look better, and be more representative of typical listening conditions.

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